How To Achieve Super Clean Windows

Brilliantly clean windows on Maui

Every wonder what’s the best way to get a really clean window? Like all things in life there is an order that helps achieve optimum results with the greatest efficiency. In this article I won’t be going into great detail on the individual steps themselves but giving an order to the steps to help you get the cleanest window with the greatest efficiency.

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Tools needed to clean your windows:

  1. Microfiber scrubber
  2. Bucket with window cleaning solution
  3. Squeegee
  4. Soft cotton rags
  5. Microfiber cloth
  6. The Secret Weapon

Step One: Prep

I am going to assume we are dealing with an extremely dirty window covered from glass to tracks with dirt and grime. First take your soft cotton rag and wipe down the entire window. This will remove the bulk of the dirt and grime and add life to your microfiber scrubber and keep you window cleaning solution in your bucket from soiling too quickly.

Step Two: Tracks

Typically this is the longest, most detailed step. Using the same cloth you used for step one begin to wipe out the dirt from the window tracks. It is important to remove as much dirt and grim as possible before adding water to keep your window tracks from turning into a giant muddy mess!

This is where you will employ the services of your Secret Weapon! If you read my post on cleaning window screens you might not be surprised to find the secret weapon is…The Butter Knife! Wrap the cloth around the butter knife and use it to reach all the small corners and crevices of the window track. Complete this step with a final wipe of the track.

Step Three: Scrub

Now it’s time to soap up that microfiber window scrubber (I prefer the Ettore Porcupine Sleeve for really dirty windows). Give the window a good scrub from top to bottom and side to side. Attacking from different angles helps to dislodge any stubborn window gunk that is determined to hang on for dear life!

Step Four: Squeegee

I am going to employ the simplest squeegee method for this example: the straight down pull.

First, wrap your dry microfiber cloth around your pointer finger and wipe the entire top edge of the glass. This will prevent water from bleeding down from the top as you squeegee.

Next take your dry squeegee and place it at the top left side of the window pulling straight down from top to the bottom. Give your squeegee a quick wipe (or tap it on the window frame) and continue overlapping pull down strokes until the window is completely squeegeed. It is important to angle your squeegee slightly toward the dry area of the window. This will cause the water to trail back onto the wet window instead of bleeding onto the dry area.

Step Five: Detail

Once the window is clear wipe each edge with your microfiber cloth. This will prevent water from running back on to the window. With a clean cotton cloth give your window tracks one last wipe. The water from the window will have run down into the tracks and this will help you give that final touch and really shine up your tracks. Don’t forget to wipe down the window frame before moving onto the next window.